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Incredible Deals on Second-Chance Items

Vendidit is your portal to amazing discounts for returned, out of season, and resold items.

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A new marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers in the Reverse Logistics market.

Reverse Logistics includes all merchandise that can no longer be sold in stores. Warehouses around the nation are full of these products. Finding buyers for them can be tough. Since storage space is limited, items with nowhere to go can end up in landfills.

We're here to fix that.

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high Quality products for great prices

Take advantage of quality big box items at a fraction of the price. Low prices doesn't have to mean cheap products. 

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Sellers in one place

Multiple Sellers, one Place

Our easy to browse platform let's you effortlessly navigate between multiple sellers to find the items you're looking for.

Keep Track of Orders

Get an organized view of orders from multiple sellers, all in one place.

Keep Track of Orders

Avoid resorting to landfills

Six billion pounds of returned products end up in landfills per year. Many warehouses just don't have the space to hold the increasing number of returned products per year. Getting items sold and moved is a key to reducing waste. 


Help Reduce waste

Shopping from the reverse logistics market helps reduce the amount of functioning items being thrown out. 

Mobile Friendly

Shop while on the go and never miss a deal. Browse, place bids, and schedule pickups or payments from anywhere. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vendidit is the first and only complete, modern marketplace built to seamlessly connect buyers and sellers in the reverse logistics market. 

It can be difficult to navigate different sellers who are desperate to move merchandise in this market, and can be equally difficult for sellers to find buyers for their products.

Our marketplace helps you find new deals unavailable anywhere else, and helps get products sold so they don't end up in landfills. 

Items are listed by individual sellers in the reverse logistics market. 

They can include returned products, out of season items, overstocked items, unsold merchandise, or handyman pallets.

Each seller will inspect, test, and provide adequate descriptions of the item's condition before listing. 

Signing up for a Buyer account is free.

The amount a Buyer will pay for items will be determined by a combination of winning bid amount, platform fee, and taxes and shipping when applicable.

Individual Sellers set whether they offer shipping, pick up, or both when creating their auctions.

When shipping is selected, appropriate fees are shown on the item's page. 

Payments are typically made online by credit/debit cards. 

Sellers have the option to integrate with the Stripe payment processing system on our platform or use their own off-platform payment system; if using their own, additional payment options may apply.

Please contact the Seller directly with specific questions regarding acceptable forms of payment.

Anybody can sell on Vendidit! It is completely free to create a seller account and start listing items.

Platform fees are paid by the buyer.