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Simplifying the $800B Reverse Logistics Market

Vendidit is an AI-powered marketplace for the 105M+ resellers and consumers in the secondary market.

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Avoid resorting to landfills

Six billion pounds of returned products end up in landfills per year. Many warehouses just don't have the space to hold the increasing number of returned products per year. Getting items sold and moved is a key to reducing waste. 


We're changing the world for the better.

The value of goods being returned, resold, and liquidated is estimated to be valued at around 2 Trillion in 2030. We want to make it easier for sellers to move merchandise through this market, and for buyers to tap into the market.


Retail Items Are Returned


Consumers Shop Resale


Worth of Reverse Goods

A marketplace for easy, transparent returns management and liquidation.

Co-founded by Patron Tequila and Paul Mitchell Systems founder John Paul DeJoria & Renew Logics CEO Gary Stephens.

Built from Imagination

As the reverse logistics market grows and changes, so should the tools we use to navigate it. Vendidit was born from a conversation between John Paul DeJoria and Gary Stephens as they imagined a solution for the future of the reverse logistics market. 

JP and Gary and Vendidit

Reverse Logistics is huge

The Reverse Logistics Industry has reached $800 Billion and increases yearly. We need a modern, user friendly solution for connecting buyers and sellers. That's what we are building. 

Making a Difference

Many warehouse owners simply don't have the space for inbound returns and overstocked products, nor the time to organize and list them. Helping get things sold in the reverse logistics industry reduces potential waste from ending up in landfills. 


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