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Designed to help you sell
Simpler than ever before.


than ever before.


Vendidit is an AI-powered platform for sellers, resellers, and liquidators moving inventory.

Features that Accelerate your Liquidations.

Our platform is designed with features in mind that help you list, transact, and track data faster than ever before.

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List your Items for sale within minutes

Ditch the massive, clunky spreadsheets and easily import thousands of items with just a few clicks.

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Build your ideal sale with Flexible Selling Options 

Build your auction to suit the needs of your customers.

Access existing Buyer Pools on Vendidit

Sell to our existing community of buyers or bring your own select group.

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get paid out as you'd like

You can choose to use our payment processor or your own. 

Avoid resorting to landfills

Six billion pounds of returned products end up in landfills per year. Many warehouses just don't have the space to hold the increasing number of returned products per year. Getting items sold and moved is a key to reducing waste. 


Track Your Most Important Metrics

Gain insights at a glance with our visual dashboards.

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Understand what your customers do

Our in-depth tools allow you to make your auctions more and more attractive to your customer.

List items with your phone

You and your team can point, click, and list with the Lister+ app, which allows you to add to your listings and view your most important metrics from wherever you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vendidit is the first and only complete platform that was built for the reverse logistics and liquidation industry.

It's a simple, customizable cloud-based and AI-supported solution that connects Buyers and Sellers directly.

Additionally, by diverting merchandise out of landfills, Vendidit is a sustainable choice for both Buyers and Sellers.

Currently, it's difficult for buyers to get connected with sellers in the Reverse Logistics market. You either need to find sellers locally, on Facebook, or niche websites with outdated marketplaces. 

Vendidit is the one stop shop for buyers to find all sellers in one place. 

Buyers gain value by bidding on items frequently beginning at 90% off MSRP for overstocks, returns, other new or gently used items, and even items that need repair (handyman pallets).


Listing all your items and establishing a solid buyer pool for said items can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. 

Vendidit allows sellers to market to our entire website buyer pool, or to their own buyers with our private auction feature.

It's free for sellers to create an account and start listing.

Our auctions are highly customizable to fit the needs of your business, whether you're trying to make a high return of investment, or increase selling velocity. 


Signing up for a Seller account or Buyer account is free.

The amount a Buyer will pay for items will be determined by a combination of winning bid amount, platform fee, and taxes and shipping when applicable.

Sellers do not pay to list items or hold auctions.

Many sellers ship. It is up to the individual Seller whether to offer shipping, pick up, or a combination for their auctions. Shipping, when offered, typically incurs an added cost.

Payments are typically made online with credit cards.

Sellers have the option to integrate with the Stripe payment processing system on our platform or use their own off-platform payment system; if using their own, additional payment options may apply.

Please contact the Seller directly with specific questions regarding acceptable forms of payment.

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