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"We were not going to sit around and wait for someone else to build what we could imagine.”

–Gary Stephens (Founder, Renew Logic and Vendidit)

The Challenge

There are two pivotal challenges in the reverse logistics industry today.

Our first challenge lies in our reliance on suppliers, as we do not manufacture products ourselves. Despite our specialization in the processing and liquidation of surplus or unsellable products, our ability to meet market demand is inherently tied to the fluctuations in supply.

The second challenge we face is the lack of an easy-to-adapt solution for the industry. Many companies, including ours, have relied on traditional methods such as Microsoft Excel for inventory management and sales tracking. In a business oversaturated with products, agility is key. We have a paramount need for a cutting-edge solution that will not only streamline our operations but also connect us seamlessly with buyers.


The Solution

Vendidit was born from a conversation between our founders, John Paul DeJoria and Gary Stephens, who identified critical gaps within the industry while discussing their commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability. John Paul’s encouragement ignited Gary’s passion to construct the missing piece, leading to the creation of our groundbreaking software. With a dedicated team of experts, we embarked on a transformative journey, crafting Vendidit feature by feature. What once consumed days can now be accomplished at the press of a button. Our software has turned fantasy into reality, seamlessly automating tasks and revolutionizing operations.

JP and Gary and Vendidit

The Future

Our software brings forth a wave of simplified efficiencies and has the power to transform not only our industry but many others. Vendidit is not just a solution; it’s the future. The time for change is now, and we invite others to experience the innovation and efficiency we’ve meticulously built, shaping a tangible manifestation of our unwavering commitment to excellence and the future of reverse logistics.