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Origin Story


     We weren't going to sit around and wait for someone else to build what we could imagine

Gary Stephens (Founder, Renew Logic and Vendidit)

Our Solution

Vendidit was born from a conversation between company founders John Paul DeJoria and Gary Stephens, where they identified solutions to critical issues in the reverse logistics industry. John Paul’s encouragement ignited Gary’s passion to construct the missing piece, leading to the creation of our industry revolutionizing software. By working with industry leaders with a dedicated team of experts, we've crafted Vendidit feature by feature to satisfy the changing needs of the reverse logistics process. What once consumed days will now be accomplished at the press of a button. Our software has turned fantasy into reality, seamlessly automating tasks and revolutionizing operations.

JP and Gary and Vendidit

The Future

Vendidit is continuously growing and adapting to the challenging demands of the reverse logistics industry. It has the power to transform not only this industry, but many others. This isn't just a temporary solution; it’s the future. With how fast reverse logistics is growing, the time for change is now, and we invite customers, sellers, and even competitors to experience the innovation and efficiency we’re building. We are committed to excellence and shaping the future of reverse logistics.